5 crucial SEO tips for content managers with Lukasz Zelezny

Published: 06-09-2017 by

You a content creator? So you want your content to be visible & reach a large audience. We all do, right? Just listen to how Lukasz Zelezny can help you with your SEO struggles.

Lukasz started working in SEO industry around the year 2000. Social Media become his area of expertise from 2010. In 2015 he traveled 75,000 km speaking at many conferences including ClickZ Shanghai China, ClickZ Jakarta Indonesia, SiMGA Malta, SES London in the United Kingdom. as well as conferences held in Europe – Marketing Festival in Brno, Brighton SEO in Brighton, UnGagged in London. Every year he is actively participating in 10 to 20 events as a keynote speaker. Additionally, he organizes workshops where he is sharing tips around SEO, Social Media and Analytics.

Lukasz is a hands-on speaker, he spends a lot of his time keeping up to date with the changes in the technology of online marketing and tools.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  • What are SEO must-knows for all content marketers & bloggers
  • A 5-step SEO strategy for beginners, and not only
  • The most useful tools to deal with SEO for content creators
  • The most valuable sources of knowledge on SEO
  • The key reason you need to start your SEO strategy, even if you’re not an expert


Lukasz’s channels:

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Might the marketing force be with you!

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