Building your Business: Tried Tips with Sameer Ahmed Khan

Published: 11-10-2017 by

Life is too short to spend all your time making mistakes before you finally learn from them and pave the way for your business. Listen to this episode and learn from bad and great ideas on how to create and run a startup, already tested for you by Sameer Ahmed Khan. 

Sameer is CEO & Co-founder at “Social Champ” and “OuzelSystems”. Social Champ is a social media scheduling tool used by smart people to reach a greater audience and share quality content in a simplified manner. OuzelSystems is a tech consulting firm where we code the dreams of our clients into reality.

Learning from mistakes in “GameOChat”, “Educating Dreams” & “RemindZapp”, Sameer gives a number of speeches in universities, podcasts, and webinars.

Today, he shares his golden advice with us!

You’ll find in this episode:

  • What are some serious mistakes that many entrepreneurs make when they start a new business
  • How to create an effective strategy for your business
  • Indicators that will let you know if your campaign is working well and why you should feel alarmed
  • Things that will motivate you to boost activity when you might feel low as an entrepreneur
  • An answer to whether running a startup is a good idea when you’ve failed in the past. And why the answer to this is obviously yes!


You can find Sameer here:

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Might the business force be with you!

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